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  Lung Cancer is a devastating disease. Funding to develop improved screening, treatments and cures has been and continues to be woefully inadequate. We need to work together to improve awareness which in turn will hopefully lead to more support for requests for state and federal funds.

The purpose of this site is to provide all Lung Cancer event listings in one place. There are many worthwhile non-profit lung cancer advocacy sites but none list ALL the organized activities and some only list their own events.

Please find an event in your area and lend it your support. If there is no event, start your own. All these events started with just a few people. Many event organizers will help you with information about how to start an event. Your event doesn't need to raise money - raising awareness and assembling a mailing list for lobbying your representatives is just as useful a goal. If a state is not linked above, it has no event at this time. It sure would be great to see one or more awareness events in every single state.
  • Number of Deaths, Five-Year-Survival-Rate: Limited Progress. Lung cancer will remain the #1 cancer killer this year, claiming another 160,000 lives: three times as many men as prostate cancer, nearly twice as many women as breast cancer. More people will die from lung cancer this year than from breast, prostate, colon, leukemia, ovarian and cervical cancers - combined.

  • This deadly disease has taken the lives of over two million Americans since 2000. Of this number, over one million of these people never smoked or had quit smoking, often decades ago. This simply cannot be viewed as a 'smoker's disease'. That is not to say that smoker's 'deserve' lung cancer. How did smokers become 'victims' while the tobacco companies continue to make billions in profits? There is no legally available additive drug like cigarettes. People are allowed to get hooked, told to quit and then allowed to die with few treatment options available.
If you want to read all the news about lung cancer research every week, subscribe to the email newsletter produced by the Caring Ambassadors Lung Cancer Program. There are a few such newsletters but none of them are nearly as informative and inmpressive as the emailer compiled by Cindy Langhorne, CAPS Program Director.

Lung Cancer Screenings: The Lung Cancer Alliance has compiled a helpful set of links to screening centers throughout the USA. The best chance for beating lung cancer comes from early detection...these screening programs are extremely worthwhile: List Of Screening Centers

Caring Ambassadors Lung Cancer Program offers FREE Educational Materials! Lung Cancer Choices 3rd Edition, Chapter One discusses diagnosis and stages of Lung Cancer. Order your FREE copy today!

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